Living Without Skin – Everything I Never Knew About Fierce Vulnerability

Living Without Skin

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Tammy Green

Tammy Green

Tammy Green is the author of Living without Skin, a haphazard blogger, and a thinker of surprisingly deep, sometimes wide, thoughts. A real estate professional and healthcare worker by day, author by night, she has also written articles for Elephant Journal.

She resides in Memphis, TN, with her wife, two exceptionally perfect dogs, and a boss cat. She is a lover of words, her grandkitten, caramel cake, and saving items for later in her Amazon shopping cart.

About Living Without Skin

Karen McCarthy
Karen McCarthyattorney and author of Murder at The Candlelight Vigil
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Tammy shows us how to take a true, real, and honest look at life and how it is formed and resurrected over and over. It is a profound and amazing book from this debut author.
Maureen Sharphouse
Maureen Sharphousespeaker, author, mentor, and coach
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Tammy makes you laugh with her, cry with her, and encourages you to be brave enough to live inside your own rawness. If you are wondering where your superhero cape was lost, then Living Without Skin is a ‘must read’.
Kristy McCormic
Kristy McCormicExecutive Director of the Kathryn Foundation
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It’s a victory for recovery in an industry that tries its best to create success in communities everywhere. This emerging author makes you feel everything you didn’t know you were suppressing.”

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to avoid pain and insecurity while overlooking the power we inherently possess. What would you do differently with your life if you knew you were failsafe at birth?

If you’ve ever felt vulnerable, weak, or like a complete failure, you can transform those feelings into fierce superpowers.

Life can leave you feeling raw, naked, and skinless. Learning to live without skin can turn you into the superhero of your dreams!

Prepare for an extraordinary and sometimes humorous journey that begins with a child’s imagination and ends with an ordinary adult’s transformation on unexpected paths.

You’ll discover how embracing vulnerability can help you:

  • Learn how to find and wear the skin you were created for.
  • Uncover the core of your individual insecurities, and transform them into strength.
  • Connect internally and externally to humanity-defining power in a personal and public environment.
  • Heal from trauma so it isn’t passed to the next generation as culture.
Step out of your old skin. Be your own fierce hero.

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The Book Is Here!

Living Without Skin: Everything I Never Knew About Fierce Vulnerability is finally here! Click on Buy the Book in the banner above to get your

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