Living Without Skin: Everything I Never Knew About Fierce Vulnerability

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Feeling vulnerable is frightening.
Being fiercely vulnerable is phenomenal.

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to avoid pain and insecurity while overlooking the power we inherently possess. What would you do differently with your life if you knew you were failsafe at birth?

If you’ve ever felt vulnerable, weak, or like a complete failure, you can transform those feelings into fierce superpowers.

Life can leave you feeling raw, naked, and skinless. Learning to live without skin can turn you into the superhero of your dreams!

Prepare for an extraordinary and sometimes humorous journey that begins with a child’s imagination and ends with an ordinary adult’s transformation on unexpected paths.

You’ll discover how embracing vulnerability can help you:
– Learn how to find and wear the skin you were created for.
– Uncover the core of your individual insecurities, and transform them into strength.
– Connect internally and externally to humanity-defining power in a personal and public environment.
– Heal from trauma so it isn’t passed to the next generation as culture.

Step out of your old skin. Be your own fierce hero.

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1 review for Living Without Skin: Everything I Never Knew About Fierce Vulnerability

  1. Billie

    I giggled, had a few tears, and recognized some of myself in places. Tammy Green was not necessarily your typical girl and young woman. Or maybe she is. However, she is insightfully honest with herself and us. Maybe  just maybe I/we can learn a strength hidden deep beneath our current skin. Is it time to shed an old skin and grow into a new one? Try it you may be surprised what can be revealed.

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