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What’s The Number?

What’s the number?

How much does integrity cost?

Jesus loves the little children.

What number does the GDP reflect when it becomes acceptable to mock a disabled human publicly?

The insidious implication that protectors of a nation are suspicious.

The blatant introduction of national enemies into infrastructure.

All the children of the world.

Boys will be boys, #metoo, school shootings, fake news.

Politics masquerading as Religion. Power wearing a God costume.

What decreased percentage does the national unemployment rate hit when a large crowd of people and a leader publicly humiliate and laugh at another woman’s trauma?

The celebration of clique and hierarchy among humans.

Red, brown, yellow, black, and white.

What kind of trade deficit is appropriate when we just overlook a self-proclaimed evangelical’s famous quote “grabbed her by the pussy”?

What’s the bottom line for deregulation when the selling off of our national parks and public lands get a thumbs up?

Is there a 1:1 exchange ratio for the number of dead Syrian children to each dollar increase in the S&P500?

They are precious in His sight.

Kids in cages in exchange for good growth on those retirement accounts?

The manipulation of a nation to discredit what one can see with their eyes, and to ignore what one can hear with their ears.

A daily insertion of a dystopian environment into a great nation, creating doubts of who is good and who is evil.

Worst of all, the division of a nation. The slow rot from the inside, the disintegration of families, the infectious disease of people against people.

The obliteration of human compassion, the death of respect for humankind, the elimination of kindness.

Jesus loves the little children of the world.

What’s the price tag exactly for it to become acceptable for a human being to be inhumane?

What’s the number?

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