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September 11

It was a day that altered every life in America in 2001.

A day that taught me what patriotism looks like.

A day when there was no right, no left, no Republican, no Democrat.


It was a day that we were all Americans.

A day when parents stopped everything to rush to their children.

A day when some couldn’t get there at all.

A day when we all stared in horror at the tragedy unfolding before us.

A day when we all cried together.


It was a day when the best among us gave everything they had.

A day that normal people became heroes.

A day that defined the word “American”.


It was a day when every detail of a normal day was rearranged.

A day when expectations of normal days ended.

A day that is etched in our collective memory.


It was a day when we remembered our humanity.

A day when caring and kindness was more important than being right.

A day when money wasn’t the God of our country.

A day when capitalism, socialism, even communism, didn’t matter.


It was a day that altered every life in America.


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